Spa & Swim Spa Buyers Guide

HOW DO I CHOOSE THE RIGHT SPA / SPA DESIGN? There are a couple of elements which should factor into your decision to buy a spa, but ultimately it comes down to your personal preferences and leisure needs. Are you looking for a hydrotherapeutic spa? Blue Haven has a...

Spa Maintenance Made Easy

Keeping your spa in good condition isn’t too hard. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your spa lasts for years and that it will always be swim-ready when you feel the itch. Remaining vigilant goes a long way towards enjoying the crystal clear waters of your spa all year...

Energy Saving Tips for Spas & Swim Spas

Spas are a welcome addition to the home, offering a warm safe haven in winter and cool respite in the Summer. The benefits are extensive, although one of the challenges people come across as a spa owner is the running costs. A typical pool will use between 2,0000kW to...

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