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The Lanark spa range is all about making your time in a spa the highest quality. Crafted from the best materials possible and designed so that each swim is relaxing and rejuvenating for your body and mind. Purchasing one of these from Blue Haven Spas is a confident decision and one you won’t regret.
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Built To Last

A Lanark spa is made with materials that are designed to endure the outdoors. That means if you properly maintain your spa it will be a feature of your home for many years.

A Lanark Spa from Blue Haven is the ultimate relaxation source. These spas and swim spas provide a superior soak that will have you climbing back in again and again. The hydrotherapeutic design and adjustable jet flow allows swimmers to create their own ideal spa environment. Undeniable results including pain relief, calm, comfort, rejuvenation and increased energy all come from these Blue Haven Spas.

These unique benefits of Lanark spas and swim spas coupled with the durable design makes them a feature piece of any homestead for countless years. Coming in a range of shapes, sizes and prices with each model offering a unique set of features for individual buyers.

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Choose your own colour

Choose the cabinetry and shell colours of your Lanark Spa, with plenty of colour designs available.

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Hydrotherapy Jets

The Lanark Spa has a variety of jets that offer different levels of relaxation and hydrotherapy.

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Australian Made

The Lanark spa is built right here in Australia.

sea-waves Lanark Blue Haven Spas

Different Jets

Large jets are interchangeable, giving you multiple massage options.

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Specially Designed Seating

Lanark Spas have different types of seating options, each with their own therapeutic benefits.

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Lanark Spas have unique aromatherapy options to make your spa smell great.

Designed For the Whole Family

The enjoyment of a spa is meant to be shared. Fortunately, Lanark Spas are designed to cater to multiple people at once. Get your dose of family time in a relaxing and rejuvenating spa from Blue Haven.

Once you’ve selected your Lanark Spa, add some accessories and style it to suit you. Choose which kind of jets you prefer, add a little waterfall, install a spa stereo system, include some LED lighting and more. With the Lanark Spa, there are plenty of optional extras you can access to make a spa feel uniquely yours.

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