Everything you need to know about owning your own Spa.

How much does the spa cost to run?

Your spa is very well insulated and has the latest spa control system fitted. So as long as you use your hardcover when you’re not using the spa then the spa will cost approximately $2 per day.

What maintenance do I have to do on my spa?

Very little, the 2 main areas are water chemistry and cleaning your filters. You should test your water every week to make sure it is balanced (we can do that for free in our pool shop) and clean you filters with hot water and filter cleaning solution every 10 days or weekly if the spa is used every day.

I also recommend you remove the jets every 6 months and clean them with warm soapy water, this will make your jets last longer and removes the calcium build up on the jet.

What chemicals do I use?

This will be based on what you sell in your pool shop. I recommend Lithium with spa shock, alkalinity up and down. The Lithium is low in odour, great with sensitive skin and allergies. However you can use bromine, spa poppits or any other spa chemical you choose to market through your shop. Don’t use chlorine as it breaks down in high temperatures and has a strong odour.

What is ozone and do I need to use chemicals if the spa has ozone?

All our spas are fitted with ozone. It is a water purification system that kills the bacteria in the water and REDUCES your chemical usage by up to 50%. You will still need use some chemical in your spa.

What is the cabinet made out of?

The cabinet is maintenance free polymer compound that is UV rated.

Do I need a fence for my spa?

The spa has a lockable hardcover, so it does  not require a fence in NSW.

Do I need a permit?

It is advisable to check with your local council as all municipalities have different laws.

Do I need an electrician for my spa?

In most cases, yes, as the spa needs to be wired in on a separate circuit with an RCD.

What surface do I need for my spa?

You need a flat level surround for your spa that allows no movement. We recommend a 100mm reinforced concrete slab, however a timber deck is fine. It does not matter if there is a small amount of fall where it is sitting, but it must be level.

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